Kerke sê daggabesluit is ‘totaal onaanvaarbaar’

Die wettiging van die kweek van dagga vir private gebruik is totaal onaanvaarbaar vir kerke. So sê die Suid-Afrikaanse Raad van Kerke (waarvan die NG Kerk lid is) in ʼn verklaring. Die kerke beskou dagga steeds as die bron van maatskaplike euwels en die kerke gaan verskillende maniere ondersoek om die besluit om te keer.

Die SARK se volledige verklaring lui:

Last week, representatives of various church federations came together to consider the pastoral implications of the recent ruling by the Constitutional Court, on the legal status of dagga

This decision is totally unacceptable to the Body of Christ. That being our starting point, we are consulting with lawyers on appropriate ways to bring the matter back to the Court. Even though the ConCourt is the apex court of South Africa, we have reason to believe that the Court should be open to consider some of the contradictions in the brief of the ruling.

For example, the ruling appears to be premised on the prescripts of Section 14 of the Constitution, on the right to privacy, in terms of which “everyone has the right to privacy”, in regard to the provisions of section 5(b) of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act 140 of 1992, and aspects of Medicines and Related Substances Control Act 101 of 1965, as being “inconsistent with the right to privacy entrenched in section 14 of the Constitution”.

It has been argued that there are some medicinal properties of cannabis that are of some value. We are commissioning scientific research in this regard. If that were the case, we believe that there is a possible area of contradiction between the privacy primacy and the considerations of the commercialisation for the medicinal uses of cannabis, which are not reconciled in the Con Court ruling.

We are grieved by the many social ills and pastoral implications of how the legal provision for the “private” cultivation and consumption of dagga will affect life of families, especially of poor people such as the elderly living with their problematic grandchildren, etc.

Dagga, along with liquor and other drug concoctions, remains a major source of the social ills of our society. If this is allowed to go on unchallenged, our society will degenerate further into moral decay.

In the next two weeks, work will be done with lawyers and the gathering of available scientific research, ahead of the next All Church Federations Consultative Meeting set for 10:00 – 15:00 on Thursday November 8, at the Rhema Bible Church.

We call on every Christian community and organisation of churches to support this effort.