Geluk, pres Ramaphosa

Dr Gustav Claassen, algemene sekretaris van die NG Kerk, het pres Cyril Ramaphosa namens die kerk in ’n brief geluk gewens met sy verkiesing as president van Suid-Afrika. Hieronder is die volledige teks van die brief:

Dear President Ramaphosa

The Dutch Reformed Church hereby congratulates you with your election as president of the Republic of South Africa. We were elated by your election as president. Your good standing and reputation as visionary leader, strategist, businessman and negotiator make huge contributions to our trust that you will be able to address the many challenges of our country.

We want to wish you well and assure you of our prayers for good health and wisdom. We are aware of the tremendous challenges and demands of your new responsibility, in a very specific way for your family and loved ones too. As a church we commit ourselves to keep the members of your family, dr Tshepo, Tumelo, Andile, Mashudu, and Kiki, in our prayers.

We welcome the end of a very challenging time of uncertainty and despair across our country. In this regard the Dutch Reformed Church has the expectation that the inauguration of a new head of state will herald the end of self-serving leaders, corruption and maladministration on all levels of government. The moral and the morality of the people of South Africa were impacted and damaged by the constant rumors of corruption, lawlessness and a lack of punitive measures.

The mutual relationship between state and civil society was also severely damaged over the past decade. The church actively works, through substantial and diverse projects and efforts, to recover the promise of the post-apartheid South Africa. A good example is our role in providing social services to more than a million South Africans on an annual basis. Our clients are largely from disadvantaged communities. Working in this field became increasingly challenging as the state department became more and more unresponsive to our plea for better cooperation. Initially we were so enthused by the National Development Plan but we became despondent when we realized that the plan’s prerequisite for success, namely profound collaboration with civil society, was absent in the approach of government.

We now have the expectation of a new leadership that will, with values of integrity and trustworthiness in its governance, make it possible for the church to do what it has been called to do.

President Ramaphosa, your election is a kairos moment in our history which will define the future of millions of South Africans. We, as church, are offering our support to government to address the pressing issues of economic reform, education, land reform, racism, equality and the dignity of all people.

The Dutch Reformed Church will take the confidence to interact with the government on matters rising. We also invite you to engage with the leadership of the church in our mutual efforts to promote a better life for all and to restore the moral fiber of our country. We also hope that you will find time to meet with the Dutch Reformed Church in this regard.

May God bless you as you proceed with all your responsibilities and efforts to serve the people of our country. May you, in all circumstances, experience the love, care, guidance and comfort of the Lord Almighty through his presence in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

With great respect.

Dr Gustav Claassen