Press release on the Cabinet Reshuffle of President Jacob Zuma

Die amptelike persverklaring wat hieronder ingesluit word, is nie 'n nuusberig deur Kerkbode nie. Die persverklaring word in sy geheel hier gepubliseer vir die rekord en ter wille van lidmate se vrye toegang tot amptelike inligting in die kerk.

Die moderatuur van die Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk (VGK) het die volgende mediaverklaring uitgereik in reaksie op President Zuma se onlangse kabinetskommeling.

The Moderature of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa, Cape Region, has received the news of the cabinet reshuffle by President Zuma, with great concern.

The president has removed some of the most competent and respected ministers of the government. The very people who have labored to stabilize the South African economy and encourage confidence that the economy will work for its people, have been removed. We are especially troubled that the finance minister and his deputy, mr Pravin Gordhan and mr Mcebisi Jonas, has been replaced by a person who has not proved to be effective in the previous portfolios of Public Enterprises and Home Affairs.

The President clearly has not consulted his colleagues who have the duty to work with him in advancing the interests of all the people of South Africa. It seems that the President has gone outside his legitimate constituency to which he must account in government and the ANC. The very disconcerting question arises as to who has advised the President and who is exercising undue influence on the appointments of the SA cabinet? We have to conclude that the President is subjecting the interests of the people of South Africa to other faceless interests, raising the specter of state capture.

The Moderature of this church declares that we have completely lost faith and trust in the President. We believe he is working for very narrow and selfish interest and is disrespecting the true interests of South Africans. We declare him unfit to further lead the country and we call on all representatives of the people to Parliament to institute the necessary steps to remove President Zuma from the presidency.

We also call on all organizations of civil society and to our church members to work for a restoration of our democratic institutions and we call on all political parties to put the interest of the country above the selfish interests of some individuals.

We commit ourselves to pray and work for a renewal of our political leadership so that the whole country may advance in development, justice and peace.

Rev PJ Grove (on behalf of the Moderature, Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa, Cape Region)
31 March 2017