Where is this journey going to end?

Hierdie is 'n lesersbrief.
Die opinies van briefskrywers weerspieël nie noodwendig die standpunte of oortuigings van die Kerkbode-redaksie of die NG Kerk nie.

Christo Heiberg van Ontario skryf:

Greetings in our Lord’s wonderful Name.

I have been a member of the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa for 32 years, before emigrating to Canada. I would like to express my deep sadness about the General Synod Benoni’s ruling to bless gay marriage. The DRC – with all its shortcomings – has been such a blessing to so many for so long. It’s decline in recent decades was sad enough. And now this …

No defense can be made for this ruling, either in this life or the next, whether by gods, angels or men. Otherwise God’s general and special revelation, including our Lord Jesus and all the prophets and apostles, have all led us astray. This is of course impossible. The truth is rather that the liberal and clueless West – for three centuries now in the grip of the Enlightenment – has led humanity astray.

The next station (in my humble opinion) of this so-called “journey” that so many enlightened Christians have embarked upon, will simply be unbelief, unless God Almighty intervenes. Studies will show that abundantly in the years to come.

May the Lord have mercy on us.